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Willow Weaving Workshop: Daisy or Dragonfly

Leyland Studio : July 6th, Aug 4. from2-5pm (For Festive Willow Wreaths, see Festive Classes)

Create Your Glorious Daisy or Dragonfly! Join us in the enchanting world of willow weaving! In this delightful session, you’ll learn the ancient craft of working with willow, enhanced by captivating design elements like glass beads, foliage, and delicate wire work. Whether you’re a seasoned weaver or a curious beginner, this class welcomes all. This class is more gentle on the hands as you can weave as much or as little as you wish! Suitable or age 14+. £30 as a special offer which includes everything to make a special feature for inside or out.

Willow Dragonfly or Daisy

Soy Wax Batik Cloth Painting and Candle Class

Leyland Studio 
2024: Sept 8th,  2-5pm (or arrange a booking)

Welcome to a bright new idea! Wax resist dyeing of fabric originates from 4th century Egypt; an enjoyable art form. We will look at a natural and sustainable version using soy wax and fabric paints to create a richly coloured textile piece. We will cover how to apply wax and colours in pattern making and objective linear art, applied with a fluid water colour style, or as solid hues. You can add your batik fabric pieces to a frame, wall hanging, clothing or cushions.
Candles!Now you have the opportunity to learn about soy wax candles and natural aromatherapy oils, with a mini lesson on aromatherapy. There will be a range of jars and dried petals to choose for your candle

You can take home either:
- A3 and practice Batik
- A4 and practice Batik + a soy wax candle with aromatherapy oil 

Suitable for all levels, age 14+ with a paying adult. £30 all inclusive (bring bag).

Soy Wax Batik

Needle Felted Landscapes or Animal Portraits Class

Leyland Studio 
10-1pm : 20th April
2-5pm : Jul 7, Aug 4, Sept 8th

Explore richly textured fabric through the medium of merino wool, trims and embellishments! We will use felting needles to create a design, then add fine detail with a sewing needle. Choose a base to create abstract, landscape or fantasy. Your masterpiece can be framed or added to a cushion or book cover.

Animal Portraits: Create a pet of your favorite animal. If you wish to create a pet portrait, please bring an A4 printout of your pet as a detailed full face, or a less detailed body.

All levels Age 14+ £30 all incl.

Batik am / pm
Felted Landcapes or Animal Portraits

Natural Perfumery Class

2.5hours :  email to arrange a booking

Learn the ancient art of using floral, wood and herbal essences to enhance your mood and smell gorgeous! Aromas have captivated us since the beginning of time. We will set the scene by exploring the history and passion of perfumes. There will be experimentation with scents to get a feel for how aromas connect emotionally and physically to different people. We will then cover how to use blends for emotional well-being and how the perfumers work out safe percentages. You will take home a luxurious body mist in a gorgeous indigo bottle. This session is great for all abilities with a minimum age of 16. All materials are provided including a 12 page guide, decorated labels, bottles, essential and perfume oils, and their dilution liquids. £30

Nature Mandalas Class

3 hours : email to arrange a booking

Create a stunning centerpiece to add colour and shine to any special place in your home. Mandalas are powerful art pieces that hold symbols, colours and intentions that are meaningful for the individual. We will look at the power of colour on our well being and how to work from our soul expression. By the end of the workshop, you will take away your very own mandala masterpiece using crystals, glass, minerals, paint, feathers, botanical and other natural objects. This class is suitable for all levels.  Age 14 upwards, and under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.